13. februar 2011

Scenic Sunday#2

My contribution for Scenic Sunday is this photo of Hajjar Mountains on a foggy morning in the town Khatts Springs in Ras al Khaimah (UAE). I just loved to get up early to see the sun rise every day, when I was there.

Here is Hajjar Mountains with a more green area:

Lots and lots of goats went into Hajjar Mountains on their own every morning, and as if they were wearing clocks they came home each evening. I got the idea that they head the prayers from the mosques and thus knew it was time to come home. Here I captured some of them running home:

I watched the sunrise in the mountains from my room in this great castle situated on the edge of the mountains:


2 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like a great place to visit! Love the castle.

  2. goats are like cows who know when to come back to be milked?