18. februar 2011

Watery Wednesday #4 & SkyWatch Friday#4

For this Watery Wednesday and SkyWatch Friday I have captured one of the beautiful ships leaving the port of Aalborg in Denmark this summer. The ship is called "Statsraad Lehmkuhl", and it is from Norway. It was a part of "Tall Ships' Races 2010" along with about 90 other beautiful ships.

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Edit: By the way... Take a look at the sky here last Saturday night, where I saw a Moon Ring. The blog is here.


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Magical Mystical Teacher sagde ...

One of my dreams is to travel on a ship with sails.


Chicken Little thinks the sky
Will be falling bye and bye,
Crashing to the ground like sand,
Scattered over sea and land.

What do silly chickens know?
Who told Chicken Little so?
She should get the story straight:
Sky’s not falling, it’ll wait!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Sundown Sentinel

Inge sagde ...

Flotte billder, både rosen og det smukke sejlskib.. :-)

Pieni Lintu sagde ...


Yoshi sagde ...

The ship IS beautiful. Due to the lovely old-fashioned style, the photo looks like it was either photographed 100 years ago or yesterday!! Fantastic capture.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown sagde ...

Beautiful shup.